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Welcome as a customer of AMG-Sicherheitstechnik. With the purchase of your new CarPro-Tec Fusion, you have made a very good choice. Protect yourself and your vehicle reliably against thieves and enjoy the reassuring feeling of security and control of your property.

CarPro-Tec Fusion is a unique plug-and-play alarm solution that constantly and reliably monitors your vehicle for you by simply inserting and activating it. Every CarPro-Tec Fusion is manufactured by us in Germany and is subject to constant quality control.

Should you have any problems or need support, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by e-mail at support@carprotec.eu


Important note

Please note that all sensors and accessory components supplied with your CarPro-Tec are already taught-in and fully configured.

Installation in three simple steps

Charging & positioning

Our CarPro-Tec is delivered to you pre-charged. Please fully charge the CarPro-Tec before you start using it. Use the enclosed USB-C charging cable for this. The red LED inside the charging port goes out when fully charged.

The most important thing first:

In order to optimise your new CarPro-Tec with our integrated room volume sensor for your vehicle, it must first be positioned at its final installation location as a basic requirement. This should be an easily accessible, but also visually protected location near a  5V/12V power supply  in the living area of your motorhome or caravan. Suitable mounting locations for this would be, for example, under a seating area, on the inside of your wardrobe or in any drawer. We recommend using the magnetic pad supplied to avoid any screwing or drilling in your vehicle.

Important: Only start adjusting the room volume sensor as described in step 2 below when your CarPro-Tec is in your chosen installation location.

Placing the CarPro-Tex in the near garage is not recommended, as this is usually a separate room from the living area and therfore makes it much more difficult to achieve the optimum setting for your camping vehicle. If you wnat to use the CarPro-Tec in a normal car, place it under the passenger seat, in the boot, in the glove compartment or in the spare wheel well, for example.

Switch on & configure

Note: Please carry out the following configuration steps without the indoor siren connected so that you are not unnecessarily exposed to our extremely loud siren.

  1. Switch on the CarPro-Tec and activate the 4G module.

    Use a pointed object for this, e.g. a biro.

    Switch on CarPro-Tec:
    Briefly press the button SYSTEM   

    If the first (left-hand) green LED within the status

    LED bar lights up, the process was successful.

    Switch on the 4G module:

    Briefly press the button 4G  
    If the last (right-hand) green LED within the status LED bar lights up, the process was also successful.
  2. Now set the rotary control of the room volume sensor to approx. 3 o'clock position (ninth line).

  3. Now close all doors and windows of your vehicle from the inside and go to the door/window that is furthest away from the installation location of your CarPro-Tec.

  4. Arm the CarPro-Tec with the remote control by briefly pressing the right button (closed lock symbol). A short beep confirms arming.

  5. Now open the door or window with a sudden opening movement, just as you would in a burglary attempt. Your CarPro-Tec should now trigger an alarm.

    End the triggered test alarm by pressing the left button (open lock symbol) on the remote control. Two short beeps confirm that the monitoring has been deactivated.

  6. Now optimise the setting of the room volume sensor for your vehicle by minimally reducing the sensitivity by one mark using the rotary control (turn to the left). Now repeat steps 4 and 5.

  7. Repeat this step until it is no longer possible to trigger an alarm, even after several repetitions and sudden opening movements.

  8. Now turn the room volume sensor back a maximum of half a mark, ideally between the last possible alarm triggering and the current position. This ensures that the integrated room volume sensor of your CarPro-Tec is not set too sensitively and only reacts to intrusion situations, but that false alarms are reduced to a minimum in exceptional situations such as severe thunderstorms (high pressure drop) or storms.

  9. Congratulations, the room volume sensor is now optimally adjusted to your vehicle! Now place the optionally ordered accessories such as our door/window contactsgas sensors or motion detectors with the help of our accessory QuickGuide. This also gives you precise instructions for the initial commissioning and positioning of the respective accessories for each sensor from our range in just a few steps.

  10. Finally, position the supplied indoor siren in a separate, also visually protected location, hidden in your vehicle. If necessary, use the extension cable supplied with the siren.

  11. Optional: Place the supplied status arming LED in the window frame, for example, so that you can see it clearly from the outside.


This means you are alerted by your CarPro-Tec on your smartphone even when you are on the move.

For reliable use of the internal GPS tracker, it is important that the CarPro-Tec is located in your vehicle and that it is in the open air in order to have sufficiently good GPS reception. Please note that the initial GPS localization may take several minutes. 

Install the "CarPro-Tec Fusion" app on your smartphone or tablet via your app store. Now enter the required login data correctly, which can be found on the back of your device.

Once you have successfully logged in, the app is connected to your new CarPro-Tec. As soon as the CarPro-Tec detects an attempted break-in, you will receive an alarm notification including an updated GPS position on your smartphone via the app. You can repeat this step on several smartphones and thus expand the user group as required. You can also program and monitor other CarPro-Tec devices in your app at a later date. 

Additional info:

Sensors and accessories

Please note that all  accessories and sensors in your initial CarPro-Tec delivery are already fully programmed and preconfigured by us and only need to be placed in the correct location in your camping vehicle. For more information on the installation location, use of accessories and programming of reordered accessories, you can find the illustrated accessories guide in our  Help & Support” section at www.carprotec.eu/en  .

More information:

For further information on the CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G, please use the download area under Help & Support” at www.carprotec.eu/en. There you will find our detailed operating instructions for CarPro-Tec Fusion 4 G as a PDF download.

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